Minor scrapes and cuts often heal on their own but more serious cuts or incisions are treated by urgent care doctors through surgical procedures using sutures or stitches to hold tissues together while repairing the damage. The goal of stitches and sutures are to close wounds to your skin or other tissues, but these two terms are not the same.

For sutures, doctors may use a thread or strand of material to close the wound. The word “stitches” refers to a surgical procedure of wound closure with sutures. To simplify it, the suture is a name for the medical device used to repair the wound. The stitching is a technique used for wound closure.

When the urgent care providers suture a wound or use threat for healing the wound, they will stitch the wound shut using a needle attached to a length of thread. If you are injured or have experienced trauma, you must visit a walk-in clinic to get stitches that will help heal cuts with minimal risk of infection or scarring.